Not Your Usual Bucket Of Water

I had a long, exhausting, but very exciting dream the other night about being on the run from a dark army led by an evil witch.

I can’t remember many of the details, but at the end of the dream I wasn’t directly involved and I was watching things like a movie. I watched in horror as the witch had cornered my 4 year old son Sam in the ruins of a warehouse. A 7-headed hydra sprouted from her back, and flames swirled all around her, and she yelled something appropriately evil and hubrissy like “MY POWER IS BEYOND YOUR REALITY!”

I expected him to cry, but instead I saw a steely look cross my young son’s eyes. He stood tall and confident with his chest out and shoulders back. A narrator’s voice began to speak: “It was then that the coder’s son did what came naturally to him.”

Then Sam enclosed the witch in <div> tags and set her css style to display:none.